Message From Chief Physician

Jun Nakajima


Welcome to the Department of Thoracic Surgery, The University of Tokyo Hospital, a leading referral hospital for patients with thoracic diseases including pulmonary, mediastinal, pleural, or chest wall tumors as well as non-neoplastic diseases, i.e. pneumothorax, infectious or congenital lung diseases. We also have started a lung transplant program, only one in Tokyo Japan, in our hospital.

If you are afraid that you have recently been told to have an abnormal shadow in the chest by roentgenography or by computed tomography by your family physician, please ask and visit us to have further consultation. We will provide you the optimal solution, collaborating with respiratory physicians and radiologists. I suggest that you might advance our guidance in this homepage.

We, board-certified thoracic surgeons, have expertise technique to treat high-risk patients with less invasive surgeries, through thoracoscopy so that they may be discharged from the hospital with minimal physiological weakening. We also specialize in treating both lung and heart diseases at one time, collaborating with cardiovascular surgeons in this hospital.