Residency Program

Training for Foreign Medical Students and Graduates

The University of Tokyo Hospital offers a wide range of advanced medical education and training opportunities to foreign medical students and graduates.

  1. Advanced Clinical Training
  2. Clinical Observership Training
  3. Visitorship
  4. Visiting Research Associate (post-graduate surgical training career is required)

Please be aware that these are different from the residency program. A trainee is required to have a Japanese medical license for the residency program.

If you are interested in our cardiac surgery program at the University of Tokyo, please contact:

Professor: Minoru Ono, M.D., Ph.D.

TEL: +81-3-3815-5411

FAX: +81-3-5684-3989


Education & Training for Foreign Medical Graduates


東大病院心臓外科 小野稔教授

Board Certified Surgeon
Board Certified Instructor of Japan Surgical Society
Board Certified Surgeon in Cardiovascular Surgery
Clinical Instructor of Cardiovascular Surgery
Board Certified Member of The Japanese Circulation Society
Board certified transplant surgeon of The Japanese Society for Transplantation
VAD implant certified surgeon