“Practice medicine that you would like to receive if you or your family members were the patient.” This is the philosophy I have succeeded from my mentor, Dr. Hiromi Wada, emeritus professor of Kyoto University. When I get stuck on my patient’s treatment policy, I always get back to the simple philosophy. And then, the right way to go becomes evident spontaneously.

As a scientist, I have pursed the same philosophy in the fields of lung transplantation (esp., chronic rejection, the mechanisms and treatment) and lung cancer (Virtual Assisted Lung Mapping: VAL-MAP, and cancer immunology).

As an educator, although I’m still on the way of progress, I’m trying to share my experience, knowledge, skills, and philosophy with as many young doctors and students as possible. In this way, I think I can help many patients in an indirect manner. I wrote the following books (written in Japanese) for this purpose.

I have had clinical and research experience in the University of Toronto and Kyoto University. In order to help patients, I’m hoping to continue the practice, collaborating with many clinicians and scientists across the borders between institutions as well as countries.


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  2. Sato M, Kusaba T, Tomitsuka T: How to do research training: A practical guide for medical research trainee (250 pages), Medical Review, 2010.
  3. Sato M: How to prepare clinical case reports for presentations and publications. 2nd Edition (210 pages), Medical Review, 2011
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VAL-MAP for precise thoracoscopic sublobar lung resection

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